Warranty & Service

Thank you for purchasing an AQUAZ USA product. Please follow the steps described here so that we may serve you expeditiously.

Summary of AQUAZ USA Warranty Details 

  • The warranty protects the original owner from defects in material and workmanship.
  • The warranty does not cover products from abuse, misuse, or normal wear-and-tear.
  • The warranty does not cover products used in commercial applications.
  • AQUAZ USA will repair or replace the product, or refund the purchase price in exchange for the product.
  • In no event shall AQUAZ USA be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the sale or use of the product.

3 Easy Steps for Obtaining Service: 

  1. Submit a Product Service Request online to start.
  2. Provide further details and photos as requested by email or phone, and then obtain a service case number for your service request.
  3. Ship the product securely and safely to AQUAZ USA using your own prepaid shipping. We may request specific items along with the product, so please include any requested items which may include a $20 check ($30 for bootfoot waders) for return shipping of the product after service.

We will contact you with our assessment of the product, and we will discuss further steps depending on the situation. Afterwards, your product will be returned to you repaired or replaced, or you will be contacted for a refund if applicable.

Aquaz USA Warranty

Aquaz USA stands behind the products we make and your satisfaction is important to us. We understand the importance of quality gear and you deserve products that perform. If you are not satisfied with any Aquaz product, you may return the product in accordance with Aquaz USA's warranty policy.

Our waders are covered by a two (2)-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship resulting in leakage(1 year on boots & 1 year on cosmetic damages resulting from normal use). All other products other than waders are covered by a one year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Any claim against this warranty must include a dated proof of purchase and it applies only to the original (first) owner. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product only, and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. This warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, normal wear, fire, theft, loss, or intentional damage.

Aquaz USA reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Aquaz Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with the newer models when necessary. Colors may vary between original and replacement parts. In order to invoke this warranty, the original owner must send the entire Aquaz product, freight paid and insured to the Service Center address listed below. All waders must be washed and cleaned prior to sending the product back to Aquaz USA. To service your Aquaz product, you must fill out the Warranty Service Request Form. Thank you!